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Imagine having your demo phase completed in less time—with zero supervision and zero headaches—while you concentrate on selling more work, and your carpenters stay focused on the punch list at another job. Selective demo is no longer a hurdle for your in-house staff or framing sub, nor a reason for worry over EPA fines or whether somebody else will be as careful as you would be.

Collect your final payment faster, grab your next deposit faster without leaving the new client hanging, and thrill each owner at the outset of their project. With Pantano & Sons on your team, you can have all this: A more productive operation, more profit from more places, and less hassle.

Pantano & Sons. Perfecting the act of demolition since 1920 so you can make more money doing what you do best.

In the past, we’ve always done our own demolition

Schedule and cost – the primary concerns of every project. You need subcontractors who are fast, thorough about plan and contract details, and fit into the larger picture. The demo phase sets the tone up-front and can contain plenty of headaches before your real coordinating challenges even begin. Eliminate those headaches by choosing a demo sub with a proven track record spanning more than 90 years, whose competitive pricing and level of expertise help propel your team forward in a tight market.

Choose Pantano & Sons, like so many before you.

many years of continuous, reliable service.

June 20, 2021

Pantano & Sons is now part of Universal Cutting, Inc. (UCI)

I am sharing the following announcement with mixed emotions – but mostly excitement and optimism – after roughly 17 full-time years with Pantano & Sons and 8 years part-time with Interior Salvage prior:

In the coming weeks, I will be transitioning my leadership role as President of Pantano & Sons to John Angelini of UCI as we merge with his demolition company. My decision is born out of lengthy consideration and a look toward a new chapter in my life, while prioritizing our client relationships and their/your continued need for a stellar demo trade partner. I have long-respected John as a fellow selective demolition contractor in the Greater Philly market and one of the few – if not only – “competitors” who seems to share our values of client-focused, courteous, and highly reliable demo work in a trade full of careless misfits.

I am forever grateful to our loyal clients – relationships that in some cases date back as far as my teenage years working for my father Jim – for the opportunities to serve and grow. I have always been proud to join a long line of Pantano family men and women here in the Philadelphia region, where my great grandfather Samuel Pantano started it all with a partnership and a horse and buggy to haul bricks. I can’t express how much it has meant to my family business, or to me personally, to serve such upstanding people for so long.

For those curious about my next chapter, visit:

Jason Pantano

Allows us to tend to other parts of the job.