Pantano & Sons, Inc.

Pantano & Sons Hosts 2-Day Safety Training

Regulation compliance is a never-ending task. Let’s face it: at times it’s a chore. But being safe isn’t a matter of compliance; it’s a necessity given the two most important things in our lives – our health and our families. As Phil Godshall of Coaching4Contractors puts it, “Compliance training in OSHA, EPA, HUD and others tell the ‘how to’ and the ‘what to’ from the regulation side.  They do not give you the ‘why to’.   We all make many decisions each and every day regarding our safety and the safety of the ones we love.  Safety Awareness training presents that ‘why to’ – an understanding of the required paradigm shift in that decision making process to work safe, drive safe and most importantly be safe at home for you and your family.  The training puts you in a much better position to sustain your business, your life and the lives of your loved ones; enjoying the fruits of your labor with those you care about the most.”

I’d agree. That’s why we enlisted Phil’s help last week to administer a two-day course at our warehouse in Norristown for not only our staff, but staff from a few client companies as well. As a trade partner to some of the most reputable contractors and facilities management teams in the Philadelphia area, our crew’s safety and that of our client’s personnel is dependent on a cooperative effort.

The two-day course included certification in OSHA-10-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training, Fall Protection Awareness, and Respiratory Awareness. Most importantly, we all walked away with a renewed sense of our surroundings and valuable information to add to our existing knowledge bank. After all, no matter how many times you’ve done something – or how much you think you know – there’s always more to be gained.

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