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Choosing the Right Vendor

How do you approach the process of and decision behind choosing vendors to do business with? It’s important for me to make a personal connection with the person behind the ad, computer screen, counter, or phone line. To see where and how they operate. To get a feel for what the upcoming customer service experience will be like. In cases where it’s possible to go “back stage,” I always opt to take the extra step before choosing a new vendor, or at least early in the business relationship. Does it matter much with one-time transactions? No. Not as much, certainly. But just as our clients benefit by coming back to us time and time again, I like to depend on the same vendors over time – whether it’s someone I’ll be calling on daily or just once a year.

So, when it came time to choose a new print vendor for holiday and thank you cards this year, a long drive to Carlisle, PA, was in order. Carlisle is the home of Kseniya Thomas of Thomas Printers, a small shop specializing in the classic letterpress technique.


We were led to Thomas after seeing – and instantly liking – a piece she had done for a client of ours the year before. Letterpress, while not the least expensive way to go, definitely has a unique appeal. Aileen DiPrinzio and I had the opportunity to meet with Kseniya and see her in her throwback workshop first hand! The visit helped make our decision and our order turned out great!


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