Pantano & Sons, Inc.

Announcing Our Salvage Gallery

We often get inquiries about specific items from people looking for salvaged goods.  First off, let me commend those of you who are interested in reusing materials and fixtures as an alternative to purchasing new!  Whether the motive is to save money, achieve an older, “worn” look, or one of environmental stewardship, the increasing demand for salvaged goods is an important and necessary force for change in our industry.

We are happy to help meet this demand and are pleased to announce that we’ve added salvage categories to our gallery page to display items we have in stock.  No more wondering or having to ask – simply visit the gallery any time and click on the type of item you’re searching for.  The gallery will represent the lion’s share of our current inventory, which is subject to the flow of demo and deconstruction projects our crews perform.  Noteworthy arrivals will be announced via our Facebook page as they come in.  “Like” us to include these announcements in your feed!


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